Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mt. St. Helena

So we took a brief hiatus two weekends ago because Disneyland beckoned and one does not simply ignore the siren call of Disneyland. But last weekend we hiked Mt. St. Helena in Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. It's glorious- amazing views all the way up. Although at the top I think the wind was going about 50mph, so that was an adventure. It was 10.11 miles up and down and took about three hours.

You can't see it, but he's basically blowing right over. Any minute now, probably.

Rock climbers!

I don't know... I figured I don't put too many of myself, so here's one.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Goodspeed again

Dad and I tend to hike Goodspeed (in Sugarloaf State Park in Glen Ellen/Kenwood?) once a month because it's consistently the hardest trail we hike. So today we did that, and because we've now done it approximately 13 times I sort of didn't take many new pictures.

So instead I'll post the photos Dad took the last time we did this, in December.

Still clocks in at around 7 miles and takes about 3 hours, depending on how arduous Dad and I find dragging ourselves up to Gunsight Rock on any given day.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dipsea and Matt Davis

Our latest hike took us over to Stinson Beach and the hills above it. Originally we were going to go up the Steep Ravine Trail to the Pantoll Campground on Mt. Tamalpais, but found that the trail was closed due to storm damage. So we took the Dipsea Trail to Pantoll instead, and came back down the Matt Davis Trail.

Post-hikin' food.

Overall the whole endeavor took about three hours and clocked in somewhere between seven and eight miles.