Monday, June 29, 2015

Alamere Falls

Sunday we went back to Alamere Falls at Point Reyes. (Two Sundays ago- Father's Day- we did a ten mile hike at Annadel, but neither of us really took any pictures, so there was no post). So! We hiked to Alamere Falls, and then from there continued to the Wildcat Camp Ground before heading back to the car. It was an 11.4 mile hike and it took about four hours.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Return to Tomales Bay

Last weekend we hiked the elk preserve at Tomales Bay again. In its entirety it's about ten miles, but the terrain was a little rougher and more hilly than I previously recalled, so with my crummy knees I needed to turn back after about three miles. So we clocked a little over six miles total for the day.

The wildlife count did not disappoint, though. We saw approximately a dozen bunnies, several herds of elk, and a weasel!! Fun fact about weasels: they're adorable. And they move like cartoon characters. Tragically I have no pictures of the bunnies or the weasel. Please enjoy these other pictures of less adorable things, taken by both my father and myself.

Lies. I have found no evidence of harbor seals living at Point Reyes. All lies.

Well, yes, citizen. That is a crow eating a snake. They are the worst. Crows, not snakes.

Full disclosure: The more amazing nature photos were taken by my dad. Remember this: if it's a zoomed-in photo that doesn't look like crap, Dad probably took it.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Disneyland as a Training Exercise

Per my last post, we finally just got back on the horse in terms of training. Last weekend was a Disneyland trip I'd been almost rabidly looking forward to and simultaneously dreading, as my knees continued to fluctuate between mildly to actually irritated. However, it finally arrived, and overall it was completely manageable. There were a couple of rough moments throughout, but they were handled as they arose and I think great fun was had by all involved.

My charming best friend actually thought to track our footsteps while we were there, so I actually have a mileage count for training purposes. Sunday: 15 miles. Monday: 11 miles (for me- I went back to the hotel a little earlier than they did due to the aforementioned knee issues). And Tuesday morning: approx. 5 miles. So not bad at all, I'd say.

Here are some photos from the trip. I am a wretched person and managed to go to Disneyland without taking a single picture of any of the human beings I was with.