Monday, July 6, 2015

Return to the Goodspeed Trail

This trail has kind of been like the holy grail in terms of my recovery process. It basically feels like it's what I've been working toward being able to do again. Prior to my injury Dad and I were doing this trail once a month, as a way to gauge how our training was going (based on whether it got any easier from month to month... it didn't). But my word, let me tell you- taking four months off only made it way harder. Although, the condition of my knees was definitely a contributing factor to its difficulty.

But we did it! It took longer than usual at 3.5 hours (7.1 miles), but we got it done! It was super foggy the entire way up and most of the way down, but I think we were both grateful 'cause it kept us much cooler than we would have been otherwise.


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